March, 2009 Price Increases

After many discussions with manufacturers, vendors, reps, and personnel, the time has come to implement a small price increase to all white goods appliance products we sell.

Due to extraordinary material cost increases, all appliance manufacturers implemented several price increases during the past two years.

Feder’s Distributors has successfully remained the low-price leader and has shown few, if any price increases during this time (and during our 42 year history). However, due to our current challenging economic times, we have decided to pass a portion of these cost increases on to you, our customers.

Although the majority of all of the manufacturers’ increases occurred during the past two years, Feder’s Distributors purchased enough product to last us through the end of February. Unfortunately, that supply has been depleted and the new costs will take effect on March 2.

Our customers will not notice a major price increase in our every day, basic apartment-grade items. However, items that offer added benefits will incur approximately 5-15% increases.

But to be clear, Feder’s Distributors still strives to be the low-price leader (among many other positive attributes), and will ALWAYS match any advertised price. But, please pay attention to the bottom-line: we always have the items in stock, and if you need it delivered, we get it to you within one business day, for less than anyone else!

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns and we’ll be sure to address them for you. Call us anytime during our normal business hours, email us day or night, or Twitter @mhfeder, and I’ll get right back to you.

Thank you so much for your loyalty!

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