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With Or Without Cash For Appliances, It’s STILL A Great Time To Buy Appliances!

If you’ve been in the market recently for any major product, you’ve realized prices haven’t dropped significantly in the past few years.  I mean, there really aren’t too many great deals on cars or kitchen appliances.  Right?

Well, not really.  As I’m sure you know by now, there’s a cash incentive when you dispose of your environmentally unfriendly refrigerator that you’ve owned for 20 years.  In fact, there’s a cash incentive when you dispose of your clothes washer and your room air conditioner as well.  Up to $350.00 in incentives in fact.

But the problem is, you have to purchase a new one on their short list of acceptable models.  Most are extremely expensive.

For example, if you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, take this Whirlpool model.  As you can see, it’s #1 Rated Side-by-Side Refrigerator by a leading consumer magazine.  25.6 Cubic Feet, stainless steel and beautiful!  It’s sale price is $1,799.00!  So, if you do the math, you’d receive $200.00 back from the State of California for the Cash For Appliances Program and another $50.00 to $65.00 from your local utility company.

You’ll be saving the Earth and saving up to 75% of what your existing 20 year old refrigerator is guzzling.

I think the program is great.  But not really for the rebates.  I think it’s really a great program due to the buzz it’s been creating.  I love it!  And, we’ve been reaping the fruits of it.  Although, I’m happy to sell a fridge for $1,799.00, and getting you your extra $265.00 back in rebates, I’d much prefer to sell you this refrigerator! Or this refrigerator!

Why spend $1,534.00, for a 25 cubic foot refrigerator, when you can get a very similar refrigerator for only $850 and some change? You may not get $200 back from the government or up to $65 back from your utility company, but you’d get about $950.00 in savings!  And this refrigerator and this refrigerator is also an energy star model, so you’d still be saving the environment and yourself up to about 75% of the energy your existing refrigerator is currently guzzling!

I think it’s a no-brainer!

So if you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, clothes washer, room air conditioner, or really any other kitchen or home appliance,  come on by, or visit us here.  Now is the perfect time to buy even if not for the great cash incentives of the Cash For Appliance Program!

California Will Give You $50.00 For This!

Have an old washing machine like this one sitting around waiting to be picked up?  Planning on purchasing a new one for your home?

The Cash for Appliances program begins on April 22, 2010 (Earth Day) in California and would be a great time for you to get it done!

As a Platinum Partner with the program, Feder’s Distributors will be happy to pick up your old washing machine when we deliver your new one, haul it away and recycle it for you at no extra charge!  We’ll give you a receipt for proof of recycling, along with all the forms that need to be filled out so you can receive a $50 check from the state.

As you probably already know, California received $35.2 million to educate and give incentives to California consumers when they purchase brand-new energy star qualified washers, refrigerators, and room air conditioners.

If you plan to purchase any of these products, now would be the time to get a move on!

In addition to receiving $50.00 for your old washing machine, you can also earn $200.00 for your old refrigerator, and $50.00 for your old room air conditioner.  But not only that, you can still qualify for any additional manufacturer rebates as well as any additional utility company rebates!  Virtually making your new energy star qualified appliance close to free!

For example, when you turn in your old washing machine (like the one that’s more than 30 years old in the pictures above), and purchase a new one, you’ll receive a $50.00 check!

If you plan on purchasing a new energy star qualified refrigerator from Whirlpool, for example, you’ll not only receive $200.00 from the state just for turning your old refrigerator in, an additional $65.00 from your utility company (like DWP) and an additional $35.00 from DWP just for recycling your old refrigerator is also available.  Also, if Whirlpool has additional rebates for purchasing said energy star model, you’ll be eligible to receive that as well!

If you turn in your old room air conditioner, not only will you receive the $50 from California for the Cash for Appliances program, but you could also receive an additional $50 from your local utility company!

The best part? You’ll be helping keep your environment cleaner an use a much small percentage of energy than your old washer, refrigerator, or air conditioner!

We hope to see you on April 22, because the funds may run out soon (as they did in two days for many of the states who implemented the program months ago!).

Please contact us if you have any questions about this or any other program!

Don’t Buy A New Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Or Air Conditioner!

Don’t buy a new washing machine, refrigerator, or air conditioner in California until April 22nd (Earth Day)!

If your washing machine, refrigerator, or air conditioner has bit the dust, or is about to, you should wait to purchase a new one on April 22, 2010 through May 23, 2010.

As we’ve discussed here, here, and here, and tweeted about here, here, here, here, here, here, and here, The US government has set aside $300,000,000 for a rebate program similar to the Cash For Clunkers program last year called Cash For Appliances.

Details for the program in California have been sketchy until yesterday.  On its official website Cash4Appliances.org, it was announced that rebates will be available for Californians who purchase  a washer, refrigerator, or air conditioner between April 22, 2010 (Earth Day) through May 23, 2010, and recycle their old one through a certified recycler.  The rebate applicant must be a California residential consumer and must purchase an eligible appliance that meets the state’s efficiency requirements. The purchased appliance must replace an existing, working appliance.

Rebates are first-come, first-serve and will be processed as received until funds are depleted. Rebate applications must be postmarked by June 25, 2010.

Consumers who take advantage of this program can receive $200 back for a qualified refrigerator, $100 back for a qualified clothes washer, and $50 back for a qualified room air conditioner!

Customers will receive their rebates within four to six weeks if the rebate claim is complete. A complete claim contains the filled out and signed rebate claim form with appliance serial number, certificate of recycled appliance, a copy of utility bill (to verify California residential address), and a copy of the sales receipt.

Additionally, the California Cash For Appliances rebates can be combined with other manufacturer, retailer, or utility company rebates!  Like these.

Feder’s Outlet has several qualifying models in stock for pennies on the dollar like this and this, and Feder’s Distributors has most of the qualifying room air conditioners in-stock all the time for already the best prices in the country!

If you have any questions, please contact us: 818-769-8000 or visit the official program website: Cash4Appliances.org

Cash For Appliances Program Finally Getting Close To Reality

It looks like details are finally being ironed out in the new Cash-For-appliances program slated to begin a few months ago.

Yesterday, it was announced that New York state would begin their program in February, 2010 and several other states would follow suit during March and April.  California’s program should begin in March,

Authorized by the U.S. Economic Stimulus Legislation earlier this year, states would receive monies from a $300 million package to turn in older appliances (namely clothes washers, dishwashers, central and air conditioners, refrigerators, and heat pumps).

Consumers can apply for up to $150 in rebates when they purchase energy star and other energy-efficient appliances.

Please contact Feder’s Distributors for more information about the program or energy star appliances and air conditioners!

Clearance Refrigerators, Clunker Appliance Plan, & Air Conditioner Deals

As Feder’s Distributors nears the end of our fiscal year, we would like to thank you for helping us make this year such a success!

Thanks to you, we continue to be the premier leader in sales, distribution, and installation of major kitchen appliances and HVAC within the Southern California multifamily market.

As a special thank you to all of of best clients, we are offering unheard of late season pricing…

Jenn Air Refrigerator Jenn Air Clearance Refrigerators
Prices will never be this low again!

We purchased the last of these Jenn Air Side-By-Side refrigerators at blow-out prices!

These are moving fast so contact us now to check stock levels!

White, Euro Style S/S Handles
Only $1,399.00!
(Was $1,999.00)
Model JSD2695KGW

Stainless Steel, Counter-Depth
Only $1,599.00
! (Was $2,499.00)
Model JCD2290HES

Pro, Stainless Steel, Counter-Depth
Only $1,699.00
! (Was $2,599.00)
Model JCD2295KEP

Black, Floating Glass with Euro Style with S/S Handles
Only $1,699.00! (Was $2,499.00)
Model JSD2697KEY

Call us toll-free for more information: 866-FEDERS-0

Also ask us about Amana side-by-side clearence models
for under $800.00!

Maytag WD Clunker Appliance Plan
$300,000,000 stimulus available for Energy Star rated appliances…

A soon to be implemented Federal rebate program will give consumers between $50 to $250 rebates when they purchase new high efficiency, Energy Star rated appliances this fall.

Leading appliance companies like Whirlpool, Electrolux, Bosch, and Maytag are hoping this program will boost sales nationwide, while helping consumers go green and save money on rising energy costs.

Details will vary from state to state, so contact your local energy company for details.  Read more here.

A7Q08F2B LG’s Goldstar Window or Wall
Room Air Conditioners

Late Season Specials…

While the rest of the Southern California air conditioning industry got caught sleeping during our current 100 plus degree hot spell, we bought truckloads of our most popular Goldstar room air conditioners.

8,000 BTU Model ONLY $189.00!

10,000 BTU Model – ONLY $229.00!

Both of these units come with a remote control, a compact slide-out chassis (for wall installations), a double-hung window kit with accordion extenders, and a energy saving mode feature.

The 8,000 BTU model should cool up to 200 square feet and the 10,000 BTU model, up to 300 square feet under normal conditions!

A7Q08F2B Fedders Most Popular Models…

Our best selling 12,000 BTU model is still available! The Fedders A6Y12F2D is still our most popular slide-out chassis model in 110v. Call us for the lowest price anywhere: 866-FEDERS-0

Save valuable time and money with replacement models*
Installing an air conditioner has never been easier than with Fedders new replacement models. Gone are the days of breaking out stucco, drywall, and wood to replace your old, worn out air conditioner. These hard to find Fedders units will fit into most existing sleeves with minimal effort and labor charges. We still have plenty of stock!
A7T10W2A 110v, 10,000 BTU Model – ONLY $345.00!

A7T12W2A 220v, 12,000 BTU Model – Call Us!

We even have classic Fedders replacement models for builders and apartment owners:
The A1B12W7D 220v, 12,000 BTU Model is in stock today for only $405.00.

*These models are NOT available at the most retailers. Feder’s Distributors carries these builder/replacement models year-round.  In fact, we have an entire warehouse full of them!

“Clunker” Appliance Plan Details Begin To Emerge — Slowly

A little more information is beginning to surface about the “Clunker” Appliance Program.

Once implemented in November, consumers would be eligible for up to $250 rebates on energy star refrigerators, front-load washers, and other kitchen appliances and air conditioners.

The state of California should be getting about $35 million towards the program and should see utility companies, manufacturers and retailers (Feder’s Distributors would be included!) working together to help bring more energy-efficient appliances to our communities.

Many details are still unclear and one of the major pieces of this plan still needs to be ironed out: what will happen with the old appliances and would a recycling requirement be the kicker?

Typically, disposal of older appliances is much easier and cost-efficient. However, placing appliances in landfills can be extremely damaging to our environment and would have a negative effect on such a program.

Although difficult and costly, recycling old appliances should be the way to go. But the plan is still incomplete and does not yet specify who would be responsible for this.

As more information is released, we will continue to keep you updated here.

SoCal Water$mart Update: Regionwide Energy Star Program Re-launch September 21, 2009

We just received this letter from The SoCal Water$mart team.  Reminder: it’s a great time to purchase Energy Star appliances!

September 11, 2009

Dear Partner,

We are pleased to announce that Metropolitan Water District’s SoCal
Water$mart residential water efficiency rebate program WILL RE-LAUNCH ON A
REGION-WIDE BASIS ON SEPTEMBER 21, 2009, beginning at 9:00 a.m. At that
time, rebates will be available for a limited time to all residential
customers of participating water agencies within the Metropolitan Water
District service area. (Residential water customers are those living in
houses or apartments, townhomes, condominiums or mobile home complexes with
less than five dwellings that are not represented by a homeowners
association or property management company.)

qualifying product purchases. Rebate applications for purchases made on or
after September 21 may be submitted by mail or via the program website.


–       Program period is from September 21, 2009 through May 31, 2010, or until
funds are depleted (whichever comes first).
–       As stated above, rebate reservations will no longer be required; mail-in
or online applications will be accepted starting September 21, 2009.
–       Rebate checks will be issued only to the residential water customer
–       Customers of participating water agencies that are offering funds during
the current interim period may continue to reserve rebates through the
SoCal Water$mart program through September 18 at 5:00 p.m.

As noted above and with the previous program period, funding for the new
fiscal year is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. We are
committed to providing effective program support for your high-efficiency
products and will keep you apprised of the program status throughout the
year. In addition, we will work with you to create opportunities for
collaborative promotional efforts.


We are updating program materials and will be supplying the retail network
with rebate applications and point of purchase marketing materials. Any
retailers, distributors, or contractor groups interested in setting up
program training may submit an email request to


–       High-efficiency clothes washers (4.0 Water Factor or less): $50 (Please
note the change in the clothes washer requirement from WF 5.0 to WF 4.0 as
of July 1, 2009.)
–       High-efficiency toilets (WaterSense qualified, 1.28 gpf or less): $50
–       Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers (Smart Water Application
Technologies™ or “SWAT” tested; add-on devices are not rebated)
— (<1 acre): $80
— (1+ acre): $25/station
–       Rotary nozzles, new requirement to include pressure regulating heads:
–       Synthetic turf: $0.60/sq ft (not available in all areas as local water
agencies must now match funds and retrofitted area must be less than ½
acre; check the website for details)

As always, local water agencies have the option to add funding and increase
rebate amounts for their customers. Agency funding updates will be provided
on a monthly basis.

If you have any questions, please visit the program website at:
www.bewaterwise.com or call the SoCal Water$mart hotline at: 888-376-3314.
We look forward to working with you!


The SoCal Water$mart team

Whirlpool Brand Doubles Down on the Oven

New Double Oven Provides Flexibility; Saves Time and Energy

BENTON HARBOR, Mich., Sept. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Sick of hot dogs and hamburgers
but afraid to bake that lasagna for fear it will heat up the whole kitchen and
your energy bill? According to previous Whirlpool Corporation research, the
top unmet consumer need when it comes to cooking is energy efficiency and a
recent survey revealed 84 percent of consumers said energy--not water or
time--is most important to them when it comes to home appliance efficiency.* 

The new Whirlpool Gold(R) free-standing double oven is heating things up with
an upper oven that uses 50 percent less energy and preheats in half the time,
compared to a full size oven. The upper oven is a perfect size for reheating
leftovers, baking a pizza or small batches of cookies without wasting energy.

The ability to bake at two separate temperatures simultaneously means home
cooks no longer have to play musical pans when trying to broil steaks and warm
rolls at the same time. With the double oven's combined 6.3 cu. ft. capacity,
you can even bake a cake, slow roast a turkey and all the side dishes and have
it all ready by mealtime.

In addition to saving time and energy, the range easily slides into the
existing range space, allowing for the functionality and productivity of a
double oven without having to renovate your kitchen.  

"The Whirlpool brand double oven range provides flexibility and conserves
resources, allowing home cooks to take advantage of the benefits of a double
oven without hassle and cost of a built-in," said Meghan Muenchow, Whirlpool
brand manager. "Whether cooking two different things at once or making smaller
meals that do not require a full size oven, consumers can save time, money and

Not only does the Whirlpool Gold double oven range have the ability to bake,
broil and warm in the upper oven - it can toast - eliminating the need for a
toaster/toaster oven and freeing up counter space.  Both ovens feature the
Precise Clean(TM) self-cleaning system, which runs only as long as necessary
by automatically adjusting to soil levels without harsh chemicals or cleaners.
The range's eco-friendly Schott Ceran(R) cooktop contains no toxic heavy
metals and minimizes cleanup with a smooth glass surface that withstands
intense heat without cracking or chipping. In addition to a six-inch warming
zone on the cooktop, both ovens are also equipped with Sabbath mode which will
not automatically shut off after 12 hours and can maintain a set temperature
for extended periods of time.

The Whirlpool Gold(R) double oven range (GGE350LW) will be available in white,
black and stainless steel starting at $1,149. For more information, visit

This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris
Interactive via its QuickQuery(SM) online omnibus service on behalf of
Whirlpool Corporation between December 29 and 31, 2008, among 2,042 U.S.
adults aged 18 years and older. Results were weighted as needed for region,
age within gender, education, household income and race/ethnicity. Propensity
score weighting was also used to adjust for respondents' propensity to be
online. No estimates of theoretical sampling error can be calculated; a full
methodology is available.

All sample surveys and polls, whether or not they use probability sampling,
are subject to multiple sources of error which are most often not possible to
quantify or estimate, including sampling error, coverage error, error
associated with nonresponse, error associated with question wording and
response options, and post-survey weighting and adjustments. Therefore, Harris
Interactive avoids the words "margin of error" as they are misleading. All
that can be calculated are different possible sampling errors with different
probabilities for pure, unweighted, random samples with 100% response rates.
These are only theoretical because no published polls come close to this

Respondents for this survey were selected from among those who have agreed to
participate in Harris Interactive surveys. The data have been weighted to
reflect the composition of the U.S. adult population. Because the sample is
based on those who agreed to be invited to participate in the Harris
Interactive online research panel, no estimates of theoretical sampling error
can be calculated.

About Whirlpool Brand
Whirlpool Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of
major home appliances, with annual sales of approximately $19 billion, 70,000
employees, and 68 manufacturing and technology research centers around the
world. Whirlpool brand recognizes that consumers lead busy, active lives and
continues to create solutions that help consumers optimize productivity and
efficiency in the home. In addition to designing appliance solutions based on
consumer insight, Whirlpool brand is dedicated to creating ENERGY STAR(R)
qualified appliances like the new Duet(R) washer which uses 74 percent less
water and 80 percent less energy than a traditional top load washer
manufactured before 2004. When used with the washer, the new Duet(R) Resource
Saver(R) dryer improves dryer energy usage by 40 percent as compared to
traditional top-load laundry pairs, average size load. Whirlpool is one of
Habitat for Humanity's largest corporate partners, donating a refrigerator and
range to every new Habitat for Humanity home built in North America. For more
information on Whirlpool brand, please visit www.whirlpool.com. Additional
information about the company can be found at www.whirlpoolcorp.com.

About Harris Interactive
Harris Interactive is a global leader in custom market research. With a long
and rich history in multimodal research that is powered by our science and
technology, we assist clients in achieving business results. Harris
Interactive serves clients globally through our North American, European and
Asian offices and a network of independent market research firms. For more
information, please visit www.harrisinteractive.com.

SOURCE  Whirlpool Corporation

Monica Teague of Whirlpool Corporation, +1-269-923-7405
Monica_L_Teague@Whirlpool.com, or Melissa Vigue of Peppercom for Whirlpool
brand, +1-212-931-6165, mvigue@peppercom.com

Earth Day Specials From Feder’s Distributors!

A&A Feder's, Inc.

Feder’s Distributors is celebrating Earth Day, 2009

As you may know, today is Earth Day 2009.  Today marks the beginning of the Green Generation Campaign.

With negotiations for a new global climate agreement coming up in December, Earth Day 2009 must be a day of action and civic participation, to defend The Green Generation’s core principles:

-A carbon-free future based on renewable energy that will end our common dependency on fossil fuels, including coal.
-An individual’s commitment to responsible, sustainable consumption.
-Creation of a new green economy that lifts people out of poverty by creating millions of quality green jobs and transforms the global education system into a green one.

To commemorate Earth Day, please see below for a few specials on products available from Feder’s Distributors.
Marcus Feder

A&A Feder’s, Inc.

Fedders 8,000 BTU
EnergyStar Window Air Conditioner

This air conditioner is made to fit double-hung windows and can cool your bedroom on a sweltering day.  The plug is made to fit into any normal 115V home outlet and this air conditioner comes with a remote for simple and convenient control.  Dimensions: 20″w, 12 1/2″h
Our Price: $225.00
List Price: $379.00

S & H: $65.00 (Within California)

Fedders 12,000 BTU
EnergyStar Room Air Conditioner

Made to fit windows or walls, this air conditioner can cool up to 500 square feet of living space.  If you have a room on the second floor, this unit is perfect for approximately 350 square feet!  The unit comes with a remote and a plug to fit any normal 115V home outlet.  Dimensions: 23 5/8″w, 15″h
Our Price: $288.00
List Price: $375.00
S & H: $65.00 (Within California)

Soleus 9,000 BTU
13 SEER Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump

When you need to cool a room and don’t want any unsightly contraptions sticking out of your window or wall, and want complete silence from your air conditioner, this is the way to go!  Like a central air conditioner, the compressor sits outside, and the air handler is mounted at the top of your wall.  Use the remote control to control all air conditioning and heat functions.
Our Price: $613.00
List Price: $799.00
S & H: $65.00 (Within California)

Samsung Vivace 12,000 BTU
19 SEER Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump

In addition to the incredibly high SEER rating of 19.0, this Samsung Vivace air conditioner brings style, sophistication, and elegance into the interior design of your home. It also boasts a wide array of technological features that help you and your family live a healthy life by providingclean, fresh air that’s virtually free of harmful elements!

Our Price: $1,375.00
List Price: $1,779.00
S & H: $65.00 (Within California)

Whirlpool 15 Cubic Foot
EnergyStar Top-Mount Refrigerator

We just received a truck of these excellent top-mount refrigerators.  These are perfect for any apartment, condominium or garage.  It uses about 1/2 as much energy as the same-size refrigerator manufactured more than 7 years ago and costs even less than a brand-new 17 or 18 Cubic Foot non-EnergyStar mode after the rebatel!
Our Price: $499.00 (After $50.00 utility company rebate)
List Price: $599.00
S & H: $29.00 (Within Los Angeles County)

Frigidaire Affinity Front-Load Washer & Dryer

Frigidaire is the largest manufacturer of front load laundry in the
world. So you expect contemporary styling that’s beautifully designed
to fit your lifestyle.

You trust that the iCare™ Intelligent
Fabric Care system gently washes and completely dries to keep your
clothes looking their best. With no agitator, you count on tumble
action to wash so gently and rinse so completely that your clothes feel
fresher and last longer.

Our Price: $1,557.00
List Price: $1,999.00
S & H: $65.00 (Within Los Angeles)

Feder’s Distributors

Best prices; simple purchasing process;
unmatched sales assistance.

Thank you so much for your continued support. After 43 years in business, we are still here to help and can usually answer any question you have within minutes.  If there’s anything you need, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Or, better yet, how about following me on Twitter?

Here’s to a greener planet!

Feder’s Distributors

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North Hollywood, California 91601

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