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Carlson’s Appliances in Santa Monica, CA Closed. Feder’s Distributors to Open New Location!

As you probably know, Carlson’s Appliances is going out of business at the end of the year. They have been a Santa Monica staple for more than 50 years, and that means a lot in today’s day and age.

My name is Marcus Feder, a second-generation family business owner. My father founded our kitchen appliances and air conditioner business, Feder’s Distributors, more than 45 years ago!

Family business means personal service. It means getting the absolute best effort from an experienced salesperson when you have questions or need assistance.  Small business is being able to walk into a showroom, or call on the telephone, or send a message and get an actual person to provide options, confirmation, delivery, and installation without issues.

At Feder’s Distributors, you get ALL that. We are a small family business of experienced experts. We provide all major kitchen appliances, laundry, plumbing supplies, and air conditioning. Our ordering process is simple: whether you’re buying one stove to replace another, or a hundred refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, and stoves with laundry for each unit, we offer the best of everything: sales, delivery, and installation (often with same-day service).

We currently operate out of two locations in North Hollywood and will be opening a brand-new location in Santa Monica next month. In fact, we’ll be at the former Carlson’s warehouse on Colorado Boulevard!

You can call us to order product: 323-877-8957, 818-769-8000, toll-Free 866-333-3770; you may fax us your order: 818-769-9613 (print a PO at www.AAFeders.com/po); order online: www.AAFeders.com, or send us an emailinfo@AAFeders.com.

Contact us now for a free appliance and air conditioner assessment* and to place your next order!

We promise to offer you the best prices and will beat any advertised price. We promise to provide the best products and service available, and we promise to make it simple on you.

We look forward to working with you the next time you need a new products for your home, multifamily property, or community development.


Marcus H. Feder

Get An Entire 4-Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen For Under $1,500.00!

During the past three years, prices on stainless steel appliances have gone through the roof.  Now Feder’s Distributors is blowing them out at prices not found anywhere else in the country!

Now’s your chance save more than $700.00 (33% less than other retailers) on an entire kitchen of Frigidaire stainless steel appliances for one or more of your rental units!  This package includes a 30″ manual clean free-standing gas range (or 30″ self-clean electric range), a deluxe dishwasher, an over-the-range microwave hood, and an 18 cubic foot top-mount stainless steel refrigerator.  All for only $1,455.00 plus sales tax!

To qualify for these prices, all orders must be purchased in packages before the end of February, 2010. If required, customers may substitute a 26 cubic foot side-by-side refrigerator for only $725.00 more!

Also, through the end of February, 2010, we’ll deliver all four pieces within a 40 mile radius of North Hollywood, California for free! The dishwasher and microwave installation can be installed at a discounted rate.

For customers that don’t need all four pieces for their rental units, items can still be purchased separately at the following highly-discounted prices:
30″ manual clean gas (or self-clean electric) range: $544.00
Built-in dishwasher: $332.00
Over-the-range microwave hood: $264.00
18 cubic foot top-mount refrigerator: $587.00
Local delivery: $29.00

How To Work Your Window Air Conditioner — A Guide For Tenants [English & Spanish]

Operating Window/Wall Air Conditioners

Window and wall air conditioners are not the same as central air conditioners. To ensure you get the best performance from your A/C, we advise that you turn it on in the morning.

Your A/C has a thermostat that will detect the temperature in the room. When the unit reaches the temperature you set it to, it will shut off. When the room gets warmer the thermostat will detect that change and will turn on by itself.

The vent should be closed at all times and should only be open when using the fan mode, to bring in outside air. Having your vent open while operating the A/C will make your unit work harder and it will cost you more money to run.

When turning on your A/C, make sure you set it to 76 degrees and no lower than 72. This will not only will save you money, but it will allow your A/C to work properly.

Check your filter every other week for better performance. If you turn your A/C on when the day’s heat is at its peak, it will take time to get the desired cooling effect, and will use much more energy.

Following these easy instructions will save you money, and better performance from your A/C.

Como operar su aire de ventana o pared

Los Aires de ventana o pared no son iguales a los centrales. Para asegurarse de que su Aire acondicionado este funcionando bien, le recomendamos que lo use de la siguiente manera. Encienda su aire por la mañana y pongalo entre 76 y no menos de 72 grados. Su aire tiene un termostato que detecta la temperatura que usted a elejido, y cuando llegue a esa temperatura el aire se apagara solo. Cuando el termostato detecte que la temperatura este subiendo el compressor se volvera a encender. El vent del aire siempre tiene que estar cerrado y solo debe de abrirse cuando lo use en la posicion FAN. Tambien es recommendable limpiar el filtro al aire 2 veces por mes, si es usado constantemete. Recuerde que encender su aire, cuando el calor del dia esta en su apogeo no es recomendado, porque el aire tardara mas en enfriar su departamento Si usted sigue estas simples instrucciones su aire le ahorrara dinero y funcionara mejor.