G.E. Selling Appliance Division to Electrolux?

Word’s been out for a week or so now that GE is planing on selling it’s appliance division for somewhere in the vicinity of 4-6 Billion dollars.

Yesterday the CEO of GE named a few potential buyers including LG, Haier, Electrolux and others. My feeling is that Electrolux is probably the strongest contender. Especially since they are laying off more than 750 employees in their Italy plant and moving to a new location in order to cut about 34 Million dollars in expenses.

With their new line of Electrolux appliances in the States making a small dent in sales, Electrolux has had a lot of changes during the past year or so. Will they benefit from a purchase of this size? Maybe. They are already the low-price leader in stainless goods and I’m sure the GE name can give them an even bigger boost to their bottom line. Even if the purchase only includes the GE name for about 5 years.

I’m sure we’ll see what happens during the next few weeks.