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Frigidaire 30” Gas Cooktop, 30″ W x 21-1/2″ D x 2-7/8″ H

FPGC3087MS_p_ho_511x473Available in white, stainless steel, or black.
Sealed Gas Burners: Enjoy easier cleanup and a burner that stays looking great.
Ready-Select® Controls: Select options or control cooking temperature with easy to use controls.
Color-Coordinated Control Knobs: White, Black and Bisque cooktops come with matching knobs — while Stainless Steel models feature neutral black knobs.
Electronic Pilotless Ignition: Saves energy and can be ignited manually when electricity is out.
Low Simmer Burner: Perfect for delicate foods and sauces.
LP Gas Conversion Option.

North Hollywood Showroom/Warehouse: 818-769-8000 or TOLL-FREE: 866-FEDERS-0
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Top Tips for Choosing an Air Conditioner

Types of Air Conditioners:
1. Portable units
2. Through-the-wall units
3. Window units
4. Ductless Mini-Splits
5. Central or whole-home units

Window units are the most popular air conditioners. They are the easiest to install and remove. This type of A/C fits in a window opening and vents to the outside.

Through-the-wall units are heavier and larger than window units. A through-the-wall unit rests within an air conditioner sleeve that is set into an exterior wall. Circuitry must be analyzed because these units often require greater amperage and voltage.

Portable air conditioners are ideal for smaller spaces and they exhaust through temporary ducting and can be moved from room to room.

Ductless Mini-split units work like a central system, but they’re made to cool/heat one room. The compressor sits outside on a pad on the ground, on the side of a building, or on the roof, while the fan sits on a bracket at the top of the interior wall.

Central or whole-home units cool the entire house. Frequently combined with heating (HVAC system) they are the most expensive option and require expert installation.

Room size is perhaps the most important factor in determining the size of air conditioner you need, but consider also:

1. The number of windows in the room
2. The room’s exposure
3. The quality of room insulation
4. Other appliances that may be in use
5. The number of people in the room

Air conditioners, especially older units, are among the most expensive appliances to run. Choosing an appropriately sized unit is critical, because a unit that is too small will not meet your cooling demands, and one that is too large will cost more to run and will not properly control humidity.

Feder’s offers a wide vairiety of the finest air conditioners, so please call or stop by and speak with our knowledgeable staff to pick the right fit for you!
Remember we have added a new showroom/warehouse in Santa Monica so you can order from either there or our North Hollywood locations.
North Hollywood Showroom/Warehouse: 818-769-8000 or TOLL-FREE: 866-FEDERS-0
North Hollywood Warehouse: 818-982-3300
Santa Monica Showroom/Warehouse: 310-450-8585 or TOLL-FREE: 855-28-FEDER

We’ve Got You Covered

Hoods have become vital parts of kitchens and are really useful to those who love cooking. We offer a large variety of options including over-the-range microwave hoods and under counter hoods. Broan makes a couple of under the counter hoods at 30” and 42” which we have in white, black and even stainless steel.

Both sizes are part of the 42000 series which offers an effective and durable under-the-cabinet hood solution for vertical discharge installations. The range hood is designed for 7 in. round vertical duct attachment. The hood features a fan designed for years of trouble free service, an easy to clean grease filter that is dishwasher safe, an easy to clean grease filter, a protective lamp lens that distributes light evenly over the cook-top and control switches for fan speed and light activation. It even includes a built-in 7 in. duct adapter.

So for these easy to use counter hoods and all our other great hoods we offer come over to one of our locations in either North Hollywood or in Santa Monica and take a look at them yourself. You can take it with you or we can install it, all for a great deal.

North Hollywood Showroom/Warehouse: 818-769-8000 or TOLL-FREE: 866-FEDERS-0
North Hollywood Warehouse: 818-982-3300
Santa Monica Showroom/Warehouse: 310-450-8585 or TOLL-FREE: 855-28-FEDER

42″ Broan Range Hood

A Few Great Articles On Cash For Appliances Program That Started Yesterday…

-Cash for appliances program starts

-Calif. ‘Cash For Appliances’ Begins On Earth Day

-Cash for Appliances program starts Thursday in California

-Cash For Appliances Program Starts

-Buyers line up for appliance rebates (PHOTO)

-Appliance rebates get shoppers out before dawn

-Cash for Appliance shoppers out early (VIDEO)

-Cash for Appliances Program Under Way (VIDEO)

-Cash for Appliances Begins Thursday (VIDEO)

-Cash for clunky appliances program kicks off today – with Commissioner

-Anthony Eggert

-How ‘California’s Cash for Appliances’ Works (VIDEO)

-Cash For Appliances Program Begins

-Bay Area shoppers up early to score hefty rebates on energy friendly appliances

-Cash For Appliances Program Takes Off

source for most of the above: Commissioner Eggert, The California Energy Commission

“Clunker” Appliance Plan Details Begin To Emerge — Slowly

A little more information is beginning to surface about the “Clunker” Appliance Program.

Once implemented in November, consumers would be eligible for up to $250 rebates on energy star refrigerators, front-load washers, and other kitchen appliances and air conditioners.

The state of California should be getting about $35 million towards the program and should see utility companies, manufacturers and retailers (Feder’s Distributors would be included!) working together to help bring more energy-efficient appliances to our communities.

Many details are still unclear and one of the major pieces of this plan still needs to be ironed out: what will happen with the old appliances and would a recycling requirement be the kicker?

Typically, disposal of older appliances is much easier and cost-efficient. However, placing appliances in landfills can be extremely damaging to our environment and would have a negative effect on such a program.

Although difficult and costly, recycling old appliances should be the way to go. But the plan is still incomplete and does not yet specify who would be responsible for this.

As more information is released, we will continue to keep you updated here.

Important Safety Recall–Frigidaire Top-Load Washers, 3.1 CuFt Front-Load Washers & Laundry Centers

Frigidaire is recalling to repair the following top load washers, 3.1 cubic foot front load washers and laundry centers. The drain pump may have been manufactured improperly and in certain circumstances could create a fire hazard.

* Not all serial numbers within these ranges are affected.

(Crosley®, Frigidaire®, Kelvinator®, White-Westinghouse®):
CTW100FW, FTW3011KW, FTW3014KW, FWS1233FS, FWS933FS, GLWS1439FC, GLWS1439FS, GLWS1749FS, KWS1349DS, MWS939AS, SWS1233HQ, SWS1233HS, SWS1339HS, SWS1649HS, SWS833HS, SWX703HQ, SWX703HS, WWS833FS, and WWTW3000KW XC90306228 to XC91606302

Front Load Washer (Crosley®, Frigidaire®, Wascomat®, White-Westinghouse®):
XC90501765 to XC91607678

Laundry Center (Crosley®, Frigidaire®, Kenmore®, White-Westinghouse®): XE85104013 to XE91603486, CFW2000FW, FCCW3000FS, FTF1240FS, FTF530FS, GLTF1570FS, WE17M, WE17N, WTF330HS, 97812, 97912, 97962, C97812, C97912, C97962, CLCE500FW, CLCE900FW, FEX831FS, FGX831FS, FLGB8200FS, GCET1031FS, GLEH1642FS, GLET1031FS, GLET1142FS, GLGH1642FS, GLGT1031FS, GLGT1142FS, MEX731CFS, SWSG1031HS, SWXG831HS

If your product is affected, STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY, and call Frigidaire toll free at: 1-800-734-4519
between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m., Eastern Time, Monday through Saturday, or go to to confirm