New Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) Coming Soon

Have a company computer room that gets overheated?  Need an air conditioner to keep it cool, but only have the option of installing a portable room air conditioner?  Have limited room for any other options?

You may have heard of RACs (Room air conditioners) and PACs (Portable air conditioners).  Now air conditioner manufacturer Airwell-Fedders developed the CRAC, the Computer Room Air Conditioner.

We’ve been recommending portable air conditioners for computer rooms for years because there hasn’t been any other option.  Until now.

While on a trip to the Airwell-Fedders factory in Italy a few weeks back, North American distributors were introduced to the CRAC.  A complete air conditioner system designed within a network terminal cabinet.  It looks just like another normal network terminal cabinet, but contains all required equipment to keep your company’s computer room cool.  See image below…

Please contact us for more information.

Airwell-Fedders Computer Room Air Conditioner
Airwell-Fedders Computer Room Air Conditioner

AOA’s Million Dollar Trade Show Huge Success For Feder’s Distributors!

On Tuesday, October 27, Feder’s Distributors participated in the Apartment Owners Association’s annual “Million Dollar Trade Show,”  and it was a great success!

Over 2,000 attendees visited our booth and learned about the advantages of ductless mini-split air conditioners and heat pumps, took advantage incredible specials sponsored by Frigidaire Appliances and Whirlpool Appliances, and received brand-new Feder’s tee shirts and pens.

We had over three hundred apartment owners and managers sign up for free giveaways, trade-show specials, and to open new accounts of up to $1,000 in purchases with great 30-day terms!

Feder’s Distributors is truly the premier leader in multifamily appliances and air conditioner sales throughout Southern California.  Thanks to Chris Baker, Rick Smith, Gabriel Hernandez, and Bob Moryuseph for helping to make the Feder’s booth a huge success.

Pictures from the show:

Frigidaire FAH126S2T Thru-The-Wall Air Conditioner — Now Available!

Frigidaire FAH Thru-The-Wall Model
Frigidaire FAH126S2T Thru-The-Wall Air Conditioner

Frigidaire 12,000 BTU Thru-The-Wall Replacement Air Conditioner, 220V with 264 CFM, 3 Cool/Fan Only Speeds, Auto Cool, Sleep Mode and Remote Control.

* 12,000 / 11,700 BTU cooling capacity.
* Cools room sizes up to 450 sq. ft.
* Energy Efficiency Ratio: 9.0.

* 3 Fan Speeds.
* 4-Way Air Direction Control.
* Antimicrobial Mesh Air Filtration.
* Designed to Fit most Competitive Wall Sleeves.
* Full Function Electronic Controls.
* Full Function Remote Control with Thermostat in Remote.
* Included standard universal interior trim kit allows the unit to neatly fit into any existing sleeve.
* LVC Technology (Low Voltage Compensation) ensures proper operation of the unit when voltage fluctuates.
* Slide-out Filter Access.
* Universal Window Mounting Trim Kit. (Optional)

Regular Price $628.75 Now $455.00