New Electrolux Line — Impressive!

As described in our previous post, we were able to attend the launch of the new Electrolux brand and as suspected, their fit is going to be just below their Icon line and above their Frigidaire line. Electrolux, now covering all pricing levels, are finally fitting into that higher-end line, competing with the likes of Jenn Air, Profile, Bosch, and Thermador.

The launch was extremely hush-hush. We weren’t allowed any cel phones, or cameras. No pictures could be taken, and if anyone tried, one or all of the huge bouncers looked like they would trample on you, break your camera and throw you in jail!

The Electrolux line of appliances itself looked very similar to their Icon line, with sleek lines, ramp-up lighting, cool-glide oven racks, and wave-Touch controls panels. The refrigerators have shelves that can support about 48 ounces spillage before they may overflow. the largest capacity of shelf space for their counter-depth models, three crispers with programmable temperatures, and full baskets in the freezer so items won’t fall out when you pull the basket out.

The dishwashers are sleek and the quietest on the market at these price-points, they also come fully-, and semi-integrated, and can fit up to about 16 full place settings, and they come with a flexible basket that attaches to the silverware tray where you can put coffee-cup tops, or baby bottle tops.

Their line of stoves, including slide-ins and the new all-gas Professional 30″ or 36″ model are nothing less than beautiful. For the electric models, controls are on the top of an extended front for extremely-easy control, including a lock-out feature, and 1, 2, or 3 timers. Most of their gas stoves and cooktops come with a mid-high (or called something like that) where you can actually see the blue-flame under a tempered-glass window and has capabilities of burning at 450 btu or 18,000 btus, and they’re dishwasher safe!

In addition, they’ve come out with a beautiful line of freezers, wine storage (with wood shelving fronted in stainless steel, and even a humidor for cigars), under-counter refrigerator drawers and hoods.

We are extremely excited to be carrying this line! It should be available and on display in our showroom in July. The entire line should be available for delivery by the first-quarter, 2008. Updates and tweaks to continue through 2008 with their next generation of products.

We can’t wait to tell you more about this line as more information is released. Hopefully pictures and a new and improved website are coming soon. But please contact us if you are planing a project for slated for completion soon! We can set up a personal showing and place an order for you now: 866-333-3770 or