Electrolux Launches Their New Line of Kitchen Appliances

We’re at the launch of the new Electrolux launch of their new, well, Electrolux line of appliances.

I’ve been using their Icon-line of appliances in my home for the past nine months and have been fairly pleased. I say “fairly” because every time I open or close my dishwasher the front stainless panel shifts and remains crooked until I shift it back.

The refrigerator works well and my wife especially likes the ramp-up lighting feature (the interior lights slowly get brighter when you open either door)–great for a midnight-snack!

The no-finger-proof stainless color actually looks beautiful, but doesn’t quite match the existing GE Profile oven. The modern-look of the Icon oven may not match the style of our home, but I may install it just to keep the appliance look consistent.

Considering where the new Electrolux line is going to fit in to Electrolux’s existing line of appliances (just below the Icon line and right above the Frigidaire line?) and their price-points are yet to be seen, if they keep up their consistent production runs and quality of appliances, I’m truly excited to see where they’re about to take us.

More after their launch…