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Summer in the City

Now that summer is here, our newest location in Santa Monica is getting busy and for good reason. A couple of weeks ago the signs and logos went up on the building helping draw attention to an already growing customer base. There have already been multiple occasions when a  customer has come inside because they saw the signs on the building and showed interest in our products. And speaking of products, with the summer heat almost here it is a perfect time to buy air conditioners. Try out our line of GE’s finest air conditioners including the 8,000 and 10,000 BTU, both including slide-out chasses for easy cleaning.

So come as soon as you can to either our North Hollywood or Santa Monica location. With our signs up on our Santa Monica building we hope there is less customer confusion. As a reminder we are located in the old Carlson’s warehouse on the corner of Colorado and 7th St. So for all your air conditioning, refrigerator, oven and appliance needs.

North Hollywood Showroom/Warehouse: 818-769-8000 or TOLL-FREE: 866-FEDERS-0
North Hollywood Warehouse: 818-982-3300
Santa Monica Showroom/Warehouse: 310-450-8585 or TOLL-FREE: 855-28-FEDER


New Electrolux Line Coming to North Hollywood!

Electrolux Premium Appliances have been used in fine European homes for over 70 years. Now Electrolux is bringing that same level of uncompromising quality to the United States.

This is the first time a manufacturer launched an entire new line of kitchen appliances at one time!

The Electrolux line has features many don’t:

Ovens and ranges feature glide-out racks with a unique ball-bearing system that extend effortlessly, making it simple to remove scolding pots and pans.

Electrolux ovens, stoves and refrigerators offer two control-panel options: The IQ-Touch control, which lets you see your cooking options all times, or the Wave-Touch control option, which activates the panel with a single touch. Cool, don’t you think?

With all said, I think Electrolux will take the United States by storm! They’ve already had great success with their Frigidaire brand of appliances and the Electrolux Icon line (launched a few years back).

With all of their innovative features, from their spacious ovens to their electric induction cooktops, and convenient up-front controls on free-standing ranges, Electrolux will be a refreshing change to the appliance industry combining excellent products with great price-points. Oh, I almost forgot to mention their luxury line of refrigerators, standard or counter-depth (with the most shelf-space of any cabinet-depth on the market by the way!), with ramp-up lighting and elevator shelves to boot! Electrolux appliances are here and they’re here to stay!

You can see them on display at Feder’s Distributors, in North Hollywood, California!

Electrolux Launches Their New Line of Kitchen Appliances

We’re at the launch of the new Electrolux launch of their new, well, Electrolux line of appliances.

I’ve been using their Icon-line of appliances in my home for the past nine months and have been fairly pleased. I say “fairly” because every time I open or close my dishwasher the front stainless panel shifts and remains crooked until I shift it back.

The refrigerator works well and my wife especially likes the ramp-up lighting feature (the interior lights slowly get brighter when you open either door)–great for a midnight-snack!

The no-finger-proof stainless color actually looks beautiful, but doesn’t quite match the existing GE Profile oven. The modern-look of the Icon oven may not match the style of our home, but I may install it just to keep the appliance look consistent.

Considering where the new Electrolux line is going to fit in to Electrolux’s existing line of appliances (just below the Icon line and right above the Frigidaire line?) and their price-points are yet to be seen, if they keep up their consistent production runs and quality of appliances, I’m truly excited to see where they’re about to take us.

More after their launch…