Replacement Air Conditioners–Save Time & Money!

If you own, run, or rent apartment units and need to replace an old, beat-up, noisy, inefficient, or broken wall air conditioner, slide a new one in to your existing wall sleeve, or let Feders do it for you! We are one of the few air conditioner distributors that sell solid-sided, rear-vented, replacement air conditioners that slide into existing wall sleeves!

There’s no need to try and find a unit for your wall or window, just give us a call and answer three questions: existing unit size, room size, and voltage. We have the largest inventory year-around and will most-likely have your exact fit. If we don’t, we can install a new one for you by expanding or filling your existing hole in your wall.

Also, if your existing air conditioner is more than only 5 years old, you can save up to half of your energy usage, and even qualify for up to $150 in rebates! With energy prices where they are today, save money and keep cool without having to worry about high energy costs.

If you’re a homeowner, there’s no reason to run your entire central system in your home if you are only in one room. Get an easy-to-install window air conditioner for around $100!! Cost to run it is minimal (Around $40/year!).

If you have questions, call the experts. We’ve been here for more than 40 years selling room air conditioners accross the country. Toll-free: 866-333-3770.