Summer Supply Of Room Air Conditioners Available

Feder’s Distributors just placed a recent order of Fedders Room air conditioners.

Truckload Purchase
As one of the main West Coast distributors of Airwell-Fedders products, we’re very excited to inform you that another truckload of air conditioners should be arriving within the week!

Builder Model Replacement Air Conditioners and Air Conditioners with Heat
Most of the units we’re getting next week are perfect replacements for existing wall air conditioners. Like the Frigidaire “FAH” series (086, 08E, 096, 09E, 105, 106, 10E, 126, 12E, etc. models), LG “LT” series (LT126, LT12E, LT1230, LT1430, etc.), the GE “J” series, Gibson “GAH” series, Fedders “A” or “B” series (A1A10, A1B12), etc., and the few others manufacturers (Friedrich, Sunbeam), these units are rear discharge (a vent in the back) units and have solid sides.

No Need To Cut or Fill The Wall
Avoiding the burden and expense of cutting or filling the wall when removing an existing wall air conditioner, these units do not come with sleeves. They slide into the sleeve already built into the wall. If the sleeve is larger than 24″ wide and 14 1/2″ tall, these new Fedders models will slide right in. They come with a trim-kit to slide over the front of the unit and cover any gap between the sleeve and unit up to 27 1/2″ wide and 17″ tall.

Best Prices In The Country
These Fedders models A7T12 (Energy Star) and AET12 (Heat & Cool) are perfect for an apartment unit air conditioner and can be purchased by the building owner, manager, or contractor directly from us at incredible quantity prices or can be purchased by the tenant on our website, over the phone, or in our North Hollywood showroom for the best prices anywhere in the country. Guaranteed. If a similar rear-vented, solid-sided model is found for less, please let us know before purchasing and we’ll beat the price. We ship anywhere within the Continental United States.

15,000 BTU Energy Star Room Air Conditioner
In addition to these Fedders “T-Chassis” “builder” replacement models coming in soon, Fedders Distributors is also receiving a truck of 15,000 BTU Energy Star models. These are perfect for 2nd floor living rooms or large bedrooms or offices. They use 115V outlets and utilize very little energy. They are also eligible for $50 or more in utility company rebates!

Check our website for these and hundreds of other air conditioners stocked year-round.

We keep you cool in the Summer, warm in the winter, and cooking year-round!

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