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It’s Air Conditioner Time!

Perfect timing or a big mistake gone right?

In order to receive truckloads of room air conditioners in time for the hot summer, we need to forecast our sales up to six months in advance. Unfortunately for us, all of our orders were postponed because of production issues with all manufacturers overseas.

Good thing was, it hasn’t been too hot in Southern California until a week or two ago. Just when the bulk of our 20,000 unit orders started to arrive from China.

What’s this mean for our customers, well typically it’s good news because we currently have a large supply of air conditoners. But, unfortunately, about half of the units we just received these past weeks have already been accounted for and will be picked-up, delivered, or installed in the coming weeks.

If you’re hot, if your tenants are hot, or if your relatives are hot, NOW is the time to place your orders because these air conditioners will not be in-stock for long

Order now and get best pricing before it is too late!