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Stay Cool — Cheap!

Staying cool this summer does not have to be expensive and you can “Go green” and help the environment while saving some cash!

Take for example Daewoo’s 5300 BTU window air conditioner, model DWC058RL.  It’s perfect for a room about 125 square feet. It is Energy Star rated, which means the utility company will pay YOU up to $50 for purchasing this unit. Your end cost after rebate is only $99!

Need something bigger, but still want that rebate? Fedders has 12000 BTU, Energy star rated air conditioners available in 110v or 220v models. Price after utility company rebate is only $252! These are versatile units that can be installed in a window or wall with a remote control, slide-out chassis and of course that all important, money saving Energy Star rating. (models AZ7Y12F2A and AZ7Y12F7A)

And of course Feder’s Distributors has plenty of stock! Every year we anticipate the summer heat wave and stock our warehouse full to the rafters to help keep our clients cool. Get your air conditioner installed this season before the heat wave hits- unless you enjoy installing in 110 degree Southern California heat!

Remember, the Energy Star rebates offered by utility companies come from a limited fund. Once the fund is depleted, it is gone for good. Don’t  miss your opportunity to have the utility companies pay you cash for once.

Our Trip To The AHR Show In Orlando, Florida

The full flight didn’t allow for an upgrade, but we’ll take an on-time take-off and a tailwind that helped us arrive 1/2 hour earlier than expected any day.  In fact, it seemed like our flight from LAX to ORL was the shortest 4 1/2 hour flight ever.

Unfortunately, getting to The Hard Rock Hotel seemed to take longer than the flight because of a gps system from Enterprise RAC that was working on about a 3 mile delay.  But we made it to the room and enjoyed a wonderful dinner at The Palm in the lobby of the hotel.

Getting to the convention center on Monday morning from the hotel was uneventful and quick. Walking into the main hall reminded us of the last few shows, but it seemed like there was a good turnout of attendees and the convention center floor (approximately 354,000 square feet) was full of vendors.  In fact, there were slated to be about 40,000 attendees and 1,800 exhibitors.  About 200 of the vendors had not displayed before.

AHR Schedule

Many of the majors were there, LG, Gree, GE, Amana.  And there were so many parts dealers, it was hard to decipher one from another.

I don’t know how so many vendors can sell copper piping, ducts, vents, covers, and other small parts.  But they seemed to be busy.  It also seemed like everyone and their mothers who manufacture air conditioners were also selling portables and ductless mini-splits. Again, reminding me of the last few AHR shows.

However, most were involved heavily in the R410A way of life than the older R22 of old.  And the transition to it had been a large undertaking.

Missing from the show were a few major manufacturers like Trane and Fedders and the most impressive booths were Gree’s and LG’s.

Gree BoothGree Booth 2Gree Booth 3
Although a pretty standard setup, they were definitely showing a large variety of products.  Gree seems to manufacture product for about 25% of the industry (including Soleus and Hitachi) and LG seems to change their acronym every year (from Lucky Goldstar, to Life’s Good, to their current Life’s Green) to keep with the times.LG Booth

GE had a small booth displaying a re-vamped ductless system, but their pricing is still too high for the economy we’ve been in for the past couple of years.  Amana had a small booth as well, but nothing on display to really write home about.

All in all, it didn’t seem like there where a whole lot of new products or innovations at this year’s AHR Expo.  Although solar has been talked about a lot as of late, I still feel that we’re at least 3-5 years away from truly solar-powered products that are small enough, powerful enough, and cheap enough to replace our standard energy-eating air conditioning and heating products.  In fact, one of the only solar products we saw, was a solar charging station pictured below.

Solar charging station

There was some talk about the 7 companies with new innovations(Delphi, AIC Wireless, Danfoss, Daikan AC, Samsung, Muller Industries, AEC Design Group, and DuraSystems Barriers), but mostly they improved upon something as opposed to reinventing the wheel.  It’s time our industry really had a breakthrough product that uses very little to no energy, or is so cheap to manufacture, it’d turn the ac business on it’s head.

Unfortunately, those innovations haven’t come to fruition yet.

One company that is slated to begin production on a DC solar-powered ductless mini-split unit later this year didn’t even take part in the show.  We expected to at least see their booth and get more information about their truly unique product, but unfortunately, there was none to be had.

We were invited to a private party hosted by Airwell Fedders on Monday night where they were showing their latest wares, but unfortunately, we were underwhelmed.  Yes, they had a builder model ac on display, another couple of wall units, an outdoor condenser and the usual portable unit, all complete with R410A.

Airwell Fedders 2010 "A" Chassis

But we weren’t blown away by anything we saw or Anything the reps discussed.  And for a company crawling out of the black cloud of bankruptcy and under new ownership, they definitely missed their mark for 2010.  At least, they should have shown their new CRAC System discussed here!

In the end, we realized we could have stayed home and just replayed the video of the past few years of AHR shows in our heads and wouldn’t have missed a thing.

Daewoo 5,350 BTU EnergyStar Window Air Conditioner

Daewoo Window Air Conditioner Model DWC-058RL
Daewoo Window Air Conditioner Model DWC-058RL

This small, attractive Daewoo EnergyStar air conditioner–Model DWC-058RL, has an energy efficiency rating (EER) of 10.7! Made to cool a bedroom or small room smaller than 200 square feet fast, this  air conditioner blows 5,350 BTUs of cool air.  This unit is extremely efficient and uses an energy footprint less than your television. In other words, this air conditioner is great for the scorching Summer.

At 17½” wide and 12½” tall, this unit is made to fit most double-hung windows and takes up little space.  It comes with a window kit that extends up to 3 feet (36″) wide.  The remote makes it simple to operate from anywhere in your room, and comes with a simple-to-remove NANO Silver washable filter, which kills and prevents airborne bacteria.  It has a two-speed fan that operates on Low and High power, and the plug fits into most standard home outlets.

Warranty: 1-year parts/labor, 5-year compressor

More about the NANO Silver filtration system

This unique system filters out dust and oder while killing bacteria, mold and fungi.  It contains an anti-biotic pre-filter that contains millions of micro bits of silver 1/1,000,000 mm in size.

Get Up To $150 Back With The EnergyStar Rating

Get you up to $50 back from your local utility company, and many local shops will give you up to $100 for your old air conditioner!  Click here to learn more about rebates

ONLY $69.00 AFTER REBATE! Click here to purchase now

Daewoo Electronics Up For Sale

Creditors of South Korea’s Daewoo Electronics are putting the company up for sale again, after talks with an Indian-led consortium on a proposed deal worth US$746 million failed earlier this year due to a price disagreement.

The creditors will accept bids for the home appliances and television manufacturing arm of the Daewoo Group from Nov. 26-Dec. 17, and preferred bidders would be picked in January, a Daewoo spokesman said.

The creditors had scrapped a plan in February to sell the company after failing to close a deal with a consortium comprising India’s Videocon Industries Ltd. and RHJ International, the holding company of U.S. buyout fund Ripplewood.

Domestic creditors own 97.5% of unlisted Daewoo Electronics, which was placed under a debt rescheduling program after its parent group went bankrupt in 1999. (Reuters)